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eChef 1.2.5 Released

Version 1.2.5 of eChef is now available to download. This free update introduces official support for 64-bit operating systems, and improves stability and performance. It is recommended for all users.

Changes in this version:

  1. 64-bit operating systems are now supported (eChef will run in 32-bit mode via WOW64).
  2. Improved performance when adding many recipes to a collection or shopping list.
  3. Fixed a crash-causing bug and improved performance when deleting many recipes.
  4. Fixed several bugs that could cause crashes when importing recipes.
  5. Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when attempting to delete original files after import without the privileges necessary to do so.
  6. Improved reliability when printing.
  7. Improved reliability when exporting to Outlook notes.
  8. Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if a recipe was sent to the Recycle Bin, but the operation was canceled.

For a full list of changes since 1.2, see the release notes. To upgrade to this version, download and run the installer.

If you are using a 64-bit operating system and have any difficulty installing this version of eChef, please email us at [email protected] for support.